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Ars Nova Fitness School starts the signup for the CHALLENGE FIT ARS NOVA 2014
Here’s what we have prepared for you at the Challenge Fit Romania 2014 competition:

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This year we plan to organize several interesting events to make new friends and partners with whom to share our ideas and experience. So to have smooth running year, we got to work early since February.
We are glad to announce that, in partnership with Mens Mentis Group, SCT Tourism Felix, New Fit Way Fitness Center, Aesthetics Glamour, Studio B’YOU, Alina Toca a Herbalife independent distributor, we began preparations for CHALLENGE FIT ARS NOVA 2014. With this occasion, we invite all fitness and aerobic centers in the country and abroad as well as all persons who practice a form of physical exercise in an organized form, to attend CHALLENGE FIT ARS NOVA 2014.

For the CHALLENGE FIT 2014 ARS NOVA we want to gather to Felix dozens of teams from home and abroad, made ​​up of people who practice any physical exercise form. We want to bind friendships, to motivate them to get involved in various sports and fun activities, as we gather in the same place people who share the same passion for the sport and also like to live a balanced life.
Each sports center, fitness / aerobics can register for the event with one or more teams, made ​​up of 10-15 people / team. Teams will be involved in the actual competition but also in numerous workshops organized by instructors in the country and abroad. Will have the opportunity to enroll in various team based competitions (male and female), individual (female / male), Miss & Mister Challenge Fit and also have a chance to win cups, medals, diplomas, special prizes or the grand prize: Challenge FIT ARS NOVA 2014 Cup.

Complete rules can be found here.

The event will take place on June the 21st-22nd 2014 in Baile Felix – Aqualand Apollo, but the signup ends on May the 15th 2014.

Why should I sign up for CHALLENGE FIT ARS NOVA 2014?
First, to make friends with people who work in the same field with you, to show your loyalty to the customers, to the employees, to encourage the idea of practicing physical exercise, and last but not least because it is a competition which motivates anyone who is passionate about sport.
“Through this action we want to encourage people to practice physical exercise daily to change clients of your sport centers to fans and also to motivate fitness aerobics instructors to always improve,” said one of the organizers.
We all know that it is quite hard to make new customers but perhaps more difficult it is to maintain the old ones. Here we want to give you a helping hand. CHALLENGE FIT ARS NOVA is an opportunity to motivate and inspire your customers, giving them attention and special training during this period, to familiarize them with teamwork and the excitement of competition.
Each team can come in their own equipment, can choose a name, a slogan and to be more fun, the team can present its own one minute choreography during the competitions.

We challenge you to prove that sport can be different!
Besides working hard, having fun and a good cheer, we offer the competitors to attend workshops and presentations from our partners.
On Saturday, June 21, we end the day with a MEGA PARTY where we will be celebrating the winners and everyone who participated in the CHALLENGE FIT ARS NOVA 2014 competition.
We prepared for competitors accommodation and meal packages at fabulous prices in Baile Felix, at 2*, 3* and 4* hotels.
Period 20.06-22.06.2014


Participants will receive a 50% discount at the check in to Apollo Bath – Felix during the entire event.Those staying at the Hotel International and Hotel Termal will have free access hotel’s pools and gym.

The signup Fee is only 50 lei / person and includes participation, workshops, a place at the MEGA PARTY and Aqualand Apollo entries valid for the 2 day event.

You can find more details at:
facebook: Scoala de fitness ARS NOVA

CONTACT PERSON: Teodora Lăzuran – tel. 0771 118 299 | 0721 445 587
Organizer: Ars Nova Fitness School

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